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Poste Rojo in Granada

Location: Granada , Nicaragua
3 month minimum commitment. Includes private room, free meals and alcohol and other incentives. Contact for more info.

We need volunteers today!

I am remodeling a new place in Granada and can always use some hands if you prefer to spend time in the city.

Volunteering here will give you an absolutely unique, once in a lifetime experience: staying at an awesome location in the jungle, joining our family-like team, and meeting many new people. You can enjoy our relaxed atmosphere, flexible work schedules, good accomodation, excellent parties and great meals. Our volunteers come looking for a great environment for young people and affordable place to stay long-term in Central America. They often become part of a family and stay much longer than anticipated.


The treehouse is an absolutely brilliant place to stay. But before we tell you all the ins and outs about volunteering with us, it's also important to note that the place just isn't for everybody.
We are actually living in the jungle, far way from a lot of things.
We think that's awesome, but you have to be a certain type of person to enjoy it. So just go through the following list and see if you're that type of person!

This place isn't for you if you:
- cannot camp. (You don't actually have to camp. We just need the kind of people who love the outdoors.)
- are scared of animals, plants or insects.
need a hot shower every day, or a lot of water in general.
- have problems with dirty clothes, sweat and far-from-perfectly-styled hair.
- can't handle nights with very few guests.
- can't handle nights with no guests
- can't handle nights with many drunken guests.
- need a toilet that flushes instead of a compost toilet
- can not work odd schedules or no schedule.
- need a lot of structure or like to plan ahead
- are not good at seeing what needs to be done and doing it on your own initiative.

And then one other thing:

Please note that we count on our volunteers to help run the treehouse efficiently. So if both you and us are in agreement on you volunteering with us, its important that you are willing to commit to a schedule of when you arrive and plan to leave. Volunteers that do not show up or leave early can be a problem for us: if you tell us you'll be there we are actually counting on you.

So if you're still reading, here's the deal about volunteering:

From us:
Volunteers receive free board, half priced meals, free laundry service and drink benefits like discounted rum&coke.
If you re so broke that this needs further explanation, meals $cost you $2.50, Lunch and breakfast about a dollar. This is a great gig but we are not looking for broke travelers needing a free ride so they don't have to go home and work. I know that sounds harsh but it is a "must say".

We welcome our volunteers to take time off to enjoy Nicaragua's other natural attractions. In fact, we help pay some of the expenses for volunteers to travel throughout Nicaragua and promote this place. We take day and overnight trips and have volunteer appreciation days. We like to keep an open schedule.

From you:
We evaluate and discuss with each volunteer what work they are best suited and feel most comfortable doing. Most volunteers have many different roles and schedules depending on what is needed that day and what they feel like doing. We don't work with fixed shifts and it's impossible to say for us how many hours you'll be working. It is possible that there is barely any work to do, but it can also be quite a lot, depending on the situation, the number of volunteers and the number of guests.

Hospitality Jobs include:
- Cooking: we serve breakfast in the morning and cook a family dinner every night.
- Morning bar shifts: preparing guest coffee, serving and ordering breakfast.
- Checking people in and out and doing the simple paperwork that comes with that.
- Greeting guests, introducing them to us and explaining them how things work around the hostel.
- Quality controls: making sure the maid has prepared the dorm, bathrooms and private rooms properly before the new guest arrive.
- Bartending: Selecting music, pouring drinks and keeping the bar lively.
- Everything else that might need to be done in a hostel, like restocking, keeping things tidy, noticing when things are wrong and fixing them and making sure all the guests are having a good time.

Other Jobs Include:
- Construction: Helping build and design any of our many continual projects. Projects might include, new tree houses, repair and maintenance, composting toilets and many other ongoing improvements.
- Marketing: You may be asked to go to town to hand out brochures. Also, often volunteers travel to other cities and destinations to promote events and help create marketing materials. The social aspect of this job is very important to our business. We try to match our volunteers to the things they enjoy doing with one exception, marketing. If you are unwilling to walk the town or travel the country and promote us vigorously then this is not be the volunteer position for you.
- Project Planning: parties, events etc...
- Art Work: Painting murals, designing fliers, simply being creative and making this place more interesting.
- Writing: Making signs, menus, writing stories for press and web.
- Landscaping: Help make our grounds more beautiful.
- Quality Control: Check property daily to make sure everything is the best it can be for our guest.

Does this all sound like you're type of thing? Here are the requirements:

- Contact us before arrival. Include your estimated date of arrival and length of time you are planning to stay.
- Walk-ins, must stay 2 days as a guest before joining the team unless negotiated beforehand.
- You must be 18 years or older
- The minimum stay is two weeks. More is better. If you cannot fulfill your commitment please do not apply.
- We need 4 days notice before you leave Poste Rojo.
- Fluent English is a must (Fluent Spanish is not required but convenient).

Due to the volume of volunteer request and the limited space we have, volunteers are approved by content of email, qualifications and planned length of stay. Please email or call us with as many questions as you need in order to ensure that this is a proper fit for both you and us. Make sure to also check out our facebook page and our website.

Hope to hear from you!

Poste Rojo

PS: If you are coming from the States we kindly request that you bring used books, if you have space. We are always trying to develop a better book exchange.
Poste Rojo in Granada Poste Rojo in Granada Poste Rojo in Granada