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Help needed for Eco farm in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Location: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Who We’re Looking For
The individual must be self-motivated, driven, and comfortable performing in a flexible and sometimes ambiguous work environment.

Calling: curious makers. We are accepting applications for all positions. We’re looking for self-motivated, driven, and comfortable team members who are comfortable performing in a flexible and sometimes ambiguous work environment. Preference is given to applicants with prior experience and absurd levels of curiosity.,

HOPE: Grow an abundance of organic goodness including fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, spices, medicinal plants, and hardwoods. Prepare to build soil, sow seeds, water plants, design efficient food systems, create organic stuff, and frolic in the fields.

Experience working with a permaculture approach (or open to learning about it)
Experience gardening and/or landscaping
Have spent time working on an organic/permaculture farm
Experience working polycultures

HOPE: Construct with natural and recycled materials to showcase alternative building techniques. You believe habitation spaces can and should be full of life. Prepare to dig holes, source construction materials, build infrastructure, and stack stones zen style.

Building design and/or construction experience (or open to learning about it)
Knowledge of alternative building techniques and materials
Ability to work with your hands and move around construction materials
BONUS: have spent time working on an organic/permaculture farm

Community Organizer
HOPE: Create relationships with local community that are empowering and emboldening on both sides. We’re in the business of building bridges and fostering deep empathy. Prepare to listen, ask great questions, interview stakeholders, and give many hugs.

Ability to mobilize groups to accomplish a goal
Spanish proficiency a must
Strong communication skills
Cultural awareness

HOPE: Empower our tribe to keep stepping into transformation. If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. Prepare to capture special moments unobtrusively, craft compelling narratives, connect on social media, blogging and digital presence, and fly the drone.

Ability to take high-quality photographs
Ability to capture high-quality video
Strong writer
Experience with mainstream social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging
SEO experience
Graphic Design

HOPE: Tell us what we're missing. Show us a project that we’d be crazy to ignore and be ready explain the practical outcomes you plan to achieve. We’re excited to see what kind of trouble we can get into together.

Have you created something similar in the past?
Ability to lead others
Strong communication skills to translate your ideas to others on the team

General Responsibilities
Contribute 35 hours/week to the development of the farm
Collaborate with local staff for project planning, implementation, and maintenance
Develop educational programming, workshops, and activities
Design, organize, and lead your own projects, depending on individual skill sets and interests
Give tours of the farm to interested individuals
Take good care of all the equipment and tools
Use resources efficiently and frugally
Share and discuss new ideas and projects with coworkers and project manager before implementing
Be on time for meetings and work
Always follow the required safety procedures
Take responsibility of the projects and tasks assigned to you
Solve problems on the spot (even better: solve problems before they start)
Spread the word!!

Additional Responsibilities
Support the founder and full time managers in their daily roles
Help out with other projects in within the Circulo Initiative when needed
Collaborate with other long term staff and/or collaborators on on-going projects

Our Collaborators should:
Be able to uphold a 3 month time commitment
Accept all responsibility with respect to your health care and health insurance coverage
Be able to speak English and Spanish proficiently (preferred but not required)
Be flexible and have positive attitudes about life and work
Enjoy being outdoors and be comfortable in a rural setting
Be able to roll with it. Patience and flexibility are key!
Be creative and critical thinkers
Be an empathetic communicator able to work through challenges and conflicts
Play nicely with others
Be a self-starter who takes initiative
Be curious to the core

Our Commitment
Accommodation in a shared
Breakfast and lunch provided on the farm (or Breakfast at Casa Oro 7 days a week between 7-10AM when in town)
Access to Casa Oro beach shuttles free of cost
Unlimited access to Casa Oro kitchen, facilities, and wifi
Discounts on tours sold by Casa Oro (space permitting)
Integrate collaborators into a unique, international community of people devoted to a sustainable and regenerative future!

Help needed for Eco farm in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua Help needed for Eco farm in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua Help needed for Eco farm in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua Help needed for Eco farm in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua