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Help needed in an English Language Club

Location: Ocotepeque, Honduras
PLEASE NOTE: Calendar is closed till 27th of June. Probably we have some avaibility from 27th of June. Please feel free to ask and we see if your dates will fit our needs.

We usually ask for a time commitment of a month or more, so that our students have some consistency. Thank you for understanding!

Are you planning to visit Honduras? Do you have a passion for teaching?

We need English speaking volunteers to stay for one month or longer. Do you not have a month time? Just message us and if we have the space, we would happily welcome you for less time.

We are looking for passionate, lively volunteers who are interested in sharing their knowledge and enriching the lives for students . We would like to have someone with teaching experience - any other skills that could be helpful for that like singing or arts are of course welcome here too. You'll prepare and lead your own classes, that's why experience would be helpful. Of course, we are working as a team here so you are not on your own.

If you are interested, please send us a message with a little about yourself, your teaching experience and the dates you are availble for.

You will have your own room and lunch during working hours. (M,T,W,T,F).
Accommodation: You will stay at Carol's house. You have a private bedroom and a shared bathroom. So we live and work together.

It's an English language club trying to help children, young people and older adults to learn the English language. This should offer them more opportunities for the future. The lessons are just in the afternoon.

The kids class will have their own books and teacher will have the teacher guide to follow the lesson and unit. For the intermediate and beginner group (mixed age group) you arrange the class around different materials from books, internet and can also use YouTube videos and other ideas that you have. Try to be a little creative to offer interesting clases.

At the moment we only teach 3 or 4 hours a day in the afternoon three days a week (one class is yours = 3 hours per week). We are looking to expand this in the future.
You can prepare your class, whenever you want. I am always there to help and support you.

I also have a daughter, Camila who is 13 years old. I would love you to practice English with her a few hours a week. We can work this schedule out when you come here.

Also my mother is older and she would love someone to chat with, go for walks, etc. I would also want a few hours a week with her and we can work a schedule out, for example
8-9 Walk with Gloria
10-11 Class with Camila
11:30-12:30 Prepare class & organizational matters
3-4 Intermediate class

Please note that we prefer persons with teaching experience.

Our Town: Ocotepeque is a lovely place surrounded by mountains and is located near the borders of El Salvador and Guatemala. It is a quiet town with beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Ocotepeque has a public park, a small movie theater, an outdoor produce market, and hiking routes among other things.
It is possible to take a bus with Ruta Orientales from Centra Norte in Guatemala City to Esquipulas (130Q). There are buses going from there to the boarder Agua Calientes. Then you officially leave Guatemala there, get a stamp for Honduras (you have to pay like 25Q) and take another bus from Agua Caliente (boarder) to Ocotepeque.
Another possibility is to come to San Salvador and take a bus from there up to the boarder.
Help needed in an English Language Club Help needed in an English Language Club Help needed in an English Language Club Help needed in an English Language Club