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Volunteers needed at Casa Guatemala

Location: Rio Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala
Casa Guatemala’s Children’s Village has been providing a safe space for children to live and receive quality education since 1977. Originally started as an orphanage to provide refuge for children left abandoned, abused and malnourished by the brutal civil war, Casa Guatemala now provides a safe space for children from neighboring villages to receive quality care and education from teachers and volunteers from all over the world! Situated in 100 acres of tropical jungle in Rio Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala, it provides a unique and rich volunteer opportunity for those interested in providing well-rounded childcare and education. In addition to having a school, Casa Guatemala’s Clinic serves to provide free healthcare to the children as well as the neighboring indigenous communities who often lack health services.

As a long-term volunteer, you are covering one of the most essential positions at Casa Guatemala. Working alongside Guatemalan people, you are responsible for performing all daily tasks with children when they are not in school (January to November) and summer school (November to January). This is a task that requires great deal of responsibility and care for the children. On the weekends you are also required to organize and perform fun activities with the children.


- Be at least 22 years old

-Have at least a basic grasp of conversational Spanish.

- Minimum of 3 months commitment

- In order to help with the program operational cost, a one-time, non-refundable, tax deductible fee of $300 US is required.

- Flexibility and the ability to adapt to a new environment


- Support the mentors in daily housework (cleaning of rooms and main house) and other areas designated by the mentors.

- Provide a safe and trustworthy environment for the kids.

- Participate in the planning and execution of weekend activities.

- Comply with the established schedule for every established activity.

- Participate of the volunteer’s meeting to provide ideas and suggestion to improve in different areas.

- Support in performing extra school tasks (when required).


- Morning off

Volunteers have one morning a week in Rio Dulce to do some shopping, eat in a café, use the internet, etc.

- Evening off

Casa Guatemala volunteers can go to dinner at Hotel Backpackers or another location, on a Friday evening. Normally the lancha leaves at 6:30 pm. Normally the lancha is paid by the volunteers and the volunteers are responsible to cover their own expenses.

- 8 days break

Every 22 days, long term volunteers are entitled to an 8 days break. Bear in mind this might not strictly comply with the 22 days, depending on the needs of the household, as two volunteers from the same group cannot be on a break at the same time, to ensure the best possible coverage of the houses.

Housing and food

- Housing

Volunteer house:

This is where the majority of volunteers at Casa Guatemala live. The volunteer house has no electricity but generally has running water. It offers various bedrooms, which are shared with up to four people in each room during busy times. The house has a kitchen with a gas stove, volunteers split the price of the gas when it runs out. The water in the volunteer house is treated and therefore safe to drink.

Danish house:

This house is intended for couples and families volunteering at Casa Guatemala. It has no electricity but generally has running water. It offers various bedrooms, a kitchen with gas stove and a bathroom with cold showers.

- Food

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided to volunteers. The food at Casa Guatemala is basic, and mainly consist of rice, beans and corn tortillas.

Volunteers have the option of buying their own food and cooking in the volunteer house. There is a gas stove and the kitchen are equipped with basic items such as pots, pans, cutlery and plates.

Volunteers needed at Casa Guatemala