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Secret Garden, Mompiche

Country: Ecuador · City: Mompiche

UPDATED: 8 December 2014 Hi, it's so great to see you here on our Volunteers Base profile page! Please read all of the following information carefully before you send an inquiry. Thanks! Secret Garden is a wonderful eco-house (not a hostel or a farm) which has been described as "a combination betw...


Country: Ecuador · Region: Guaycuyacu

RESERVA RIO GUAYCUYACU is a family farm at the junction of two rivers in the rain forested foothills of northwest Ecuador. Location:E 0º 13' N, 78º 55' W., elevation: 500-700 m above sea level, annual rainfall: 2700 mm. Temperatures range between 16-31º C. Our land includes 15 hectares of primary ...


Country: Ecuador · City: Loja

This is a Biodynamic farm in the Andes with the idea of living in an 'earth first' manner. We are an intentional community, albeit a highly transient one! We host people from all over the world with the intent of teaching the manera antigua, the old ways of farming in Ecuador, and offer a community ...