Learn how to prepare ancestral medicine in Colombia

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Location: anapoima, colombia


Do you need a new place to redefine yourself and start again ?,
Whatever your position in Colombia BioCovi19, we offer you a total immersion in the ancestral and peasant life that inhabit the central forest areas of Latin America.
Just 3 hours from Bogotá near Anapoima (Cundinamarca) our finca is a habitat with its own source of pure waters that flow between ancient trees. Our environment, together "LA ALDEA" acts as a school of life. In it in a magical and spiritual way you will find guidance to generate your own goals and a conclusion both physically and emotionally.
The Yagé jungle as we call our village is formed by a botanical garden mode by 10 hectares of forest full of magical plants with the cooking of spiritual medicines and two orchards for beginners and lovers of permaculture

Apart from the Ayahuasca and Changropanga that grows naturally in our forest, we are carriers of an ancestral corn seed that we maintain generation after generation in our crops.
Our greenhouses in San Pedro, the wilka crops invite you to make a total immersion with the guidance and wisdom of our mayor, in the secrets of preparing the cooking of natural, ancestral and shamanic medicine in the Amazon.
Men or women, young and old, the level of demand is basically at the level of the volunteer and depends on the knowledge of each person with their interest or purpose. Only aptitude and commitment are required ...
The areas of influence of volunteering begin with simple things such as daily and community tasks in which you will soon adapt, such as water and irrigation management, maintenance, gardening, housing and cooking in which we take turns, but calm there are more people It has been with us for a long time and they will guide you easily, once on the farm you will see that soon you will find your space to assert your concerns.
After many years we started this stage a new project so welcome people with talents in masonry, construction, wood, permaculture and / or who have the ability to give courses or workshops crafts, meditation, yoga or music.
In a natural and community environment, living with an authentic Taita is feeding advice exclusively confined to oral tradition, full of life and ancient wisdom. For the participant it is a total immersion in the ancient secrets. The fire, the medicine make ceremonies, novena that act as mediators between the visible and the invisible, stimulating spiritual energy sources for the physical and emotional healing of each one, even in a group.
With the community you have the opportunity to learn or develop in different areas such as permaculture, botany, herbalism and healing plants, including working and building with Gadua or bamboo
Taita's cuisine is vegan and an expert in microbiotics, nutrition with sprouts or the preparation of Tempe
It is very common in our diets. We can all participate in cooking and in the preparation of medicines, tinctures or different violations.
Experimental workshops and language immersion with native speakers in both Spanish and English

The final objective is to teach and facilitate as a source what Pacha mama gives us as a way to find personal alignment and achieve a new vision of life that ultimately allows us to be better people.
We are in a warm forest area and you have a large camping area where you can put your tent. We also have a peasant house where to put the hammock, or sleep if you bring only the sleeping bag, but remember these in nature and the comfort of accommodation is limited, even so we have showers and a toilet.
The issue of food depends a lot on the time that the garden is producing and if you have to shop in the town, but you have juices, juices and all the fruit you want.
Free time is what will be left over, without monuments or remarkable squares, the attractions of the area is to wander its paths and meet its people, Your luck is that the time here is narcotic, The place
and the activities we carry out daily fill by yourself your free time without wishing to go to know another world except what is related to the farm and Pacha mama
We provide you with all the information to get here.
- Currently, Colombia is still in a state of emergency, so getting here requires managing transportation and permits on specific days. Write us and we will inform you of your options.
- In case you want to get there by your means, we inform you because we are inland without paved roads 15 kilometers from the nearest town and once you arrive at the place from the road there is almost a kilometer of forest that you have to cross to reach the village of
Once a week, people usually go down to town for supplies. For personal purchases you can order or manage yourself.
Good trip!!

  • Learn how to prepare ancestral medicine in Colombia
  • Learn how to prepare ancestral medicine in Colombia
  • Learn how to prepare ancestral medicine in Colombia
  • Learn how to prepare ancestral medicine in Colombia
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