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Antilco Horsetrekking, trailrides

Location: Pucón, chile
We are a family run horseback riding ranch in southern Chile We do daily halfday rides and frequently several day rides, most notable our "Crossing the Ands" ride, 5 days in Chile, 3 days riding in Argentina. We need helpers with riding experience to coguide and - after a time of learning- guide 3-4 hour tours. Besides our Chilean staff of 3 guides we work with international helpers, one to three at a time. Their task is all the work around the rides, as getting the horses from their paddocks, preparing the horses, as well as all kind of work around our guests, as preparing and serving breakfast, cleaning cabins and so on. As we are a rather small company there is little specialization, everyone, independent his or her position should be able to help out with everything when necessary.

We offer food and accommodation in change of work, besides you get the chance to learn about horses and tours and trail riding and as guide you may take part in some amazing rides.
In exchange we expect a high commitment, the ability to work as a team member but as well be able to work independently. As a helper you sleep in a cabin in a 2 bed room, up to 4 helpers at a time, you cook your meals together with the other helpers.
We usually take interns/helpers from september to may for a period of 3 months - because the training time- in some occasions we might take helpers for a shorter periode.
Check for details at the antilco webpage, intership section.
Antilco Horsetrekking, trailrides Antilco Horsetrekking, trailrides