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Casa Del Sol - Puerto Rico

Location: Luquillo , Puerto Rico
Hi there! I am a busy little entrepreneur...I host wellness retreats, have an airbnb, and also am a chef caterer...I also have an extra bedroom and bathroom with a full size bunkbed. I live in Puerto Rico...not far from the rainforest and the beach...however not walking distance...so you would either need a car, or you can hitchhike...and I have friends who can "taxi" you around too.

Anyway, I am looking for one or two persons to help me with everything. It would be like a homestay vacation/ work exchange. I need help with cleaning, cooking, yard work, gardening, painting, social media marketing, and just being organized in general. In other words...I need extra hands and maybe a few brains too would help. I also have a food trailer and want to be able to go to some of the festivals to sell...so need workers for that which would be paid but not regularly...maybe you can help me set that up. I have hosted exchangers for years...and had real fun with them. I have children but they are not around right now...so I have an empty house and would love the company too. You are welcome to come...let me know your plans...I prefer non-smokers...and non-drunkdeness please. You get a small shared room...if one person then the room is all yours, meals...primarily pescatarian...mostly vegetarian. And a bathroom...cold water shower.

I am a primarily English speaker...learning Spanish now. I dont think you need to have any particular skills...just the willingness to help. I naturally will assist you in making your stay enjoyable and full. There is lots to do here in PR. This opportunity is perfect for a student or someone who needs to get away for a break...and doesnt mind helping. I am an Aries A-type personality and workoholic too...so I am thinking a schedule will be best to organize the time management...yes I am that technical. I will need you for at least 4 hours per day, 6 days per week and a minimum of 2 weeks. That gives you the extra parts of the day to do you. Lazy need not apply...this is not a resort...;) YAHOO!!
Casa Del Sol - Puerto Rico Casa Del Sol - Puerto Rico