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Horse boarding facility - HORSE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

Location: Laurentian Hills, Canada
Working with and around horses completing barn chores such as, mucking stalls, feeding, catching, grooming, and some ground work. Property maintenance, along with other tasks such as wood splitting and piling, hedge triming etc.
We are in a rural area with limited amenities. We often have items delivered to the home instead of making the trip into the city. However, there is plenty of wooded trails and beaches within walking or bicycle ride distance.
We only speak English and very little French. In order to communicate and receive proper instructions, the candidate will need to have a good command of the English language.


We ask that the candidate stay for at least a minimum of 1 month (30 days) as routines need to be established along with bonding with the horses. The candidate is asked to provide approximately 35 hours per week of their time (4-5 hours of time per day).


The candidate will either share a room with another traveller (if applicable) or they may have the room to themselves. They will also have their own bathroom with shower facilities. We provide meals, toiletries, and towels. There is also laundry facilities available on scheduled days. We have at any given time, 3 to 6 people (including ourselves) living with us. Therefore, sometimes can be a bit hectic, but always fun!
The tasks are very routine and some of the chores can be difficult, especially in inclement weather.
Horse boarding facility - HORSE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED