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Volunteers needed for Horseback Expedition from Argentina to Mexico

The director of TiE originally set the company up to share his adventures with the world and our tag line was “ bespoke affordable adventure tours for the experienced” however as the cost of setting up and running an global adventure travel company incurred lot of expenses which can only be recovered through the charge of its services. Thus for those who cannot afford our tours, we are proud to announce volunteering positions with a huge flexibility of duration 10 to 45 days. We are able to take on board up to 5 Volunteers in a given time.

Accommodation is provided in a family tent which are shared by other Volunteers and employees. A private chamber is provided according to the following priority order: Couples with children, single parent / career with a child, couples, 2 friends, 2 females sharing and 2 males sharing.

Volunteers are welcome to bring their own tent, we advise to bring Storm proof / 4 season tent.

Food is provided for the entirety of the duration with the company, including your day off.

Local transport: Our support vehicle will pick you up from the nearest town when you first arrive, and thereafter every 4 days into town, this includes shopping, going to bar and sightseeing. On day-off volunteers will be taken to nearest sigh seeing places and picked up on a later agreed time, this option is dependant on the workload and the availability of our support vehicle.

Training: All volunteers will be trained on a regular basis on various aspects such as Advanced First- Aid, wilderness first response, Search and Rescue, Advance off-road driving, Wilderness Survival, Fire making, Shelter building, Foraging, Hunting and Fishing. Please note that hunting and fishing are exercised only where lawfully permitted. Hunting with TiE is not a pleasure-related activity but a source for food. No hunting will be done just to train individuals, but when meat is required the volunteers will be participating.

Expedition experience: Each volunteer will participate in the expedition when spaces are available. We guarantee at least one full day of experience for every 10 days of volunteering. This is the minimum time you are guaranteed, the volunteers may have more days on the trial depending on how busy we are.

Discount for friends and family: up to 50% off the full price is offered to friends and family of the Volunteers. Terms and Conditions apply: Percentage of the discount varies from each volunteer. The discount cannot be redeemed before the Volunteering period (I.E.) Friends and family of the volunteers can participate in the expedition only during or after their term of Volunteering with TiE.

Health and Safety: TiE takes health and safety of its crew, staff, interns and volunteers as high priority. We employ on-site paramedic and/or Doctor along with our ambulance to ensure safety. All Volunteers must notify their medical conditions directly to Expedition Leader or Co-leader. Failure to do so will revoke your term with us.

Working hours: On average daily 5 hours or 25 hours per week of work is expected from the volunteers and no more than 35 hours in any given 7 day period. If the company was short on staff owing to any reason including illness, the company may request the Volunteer to work more hours, for which they will be paid on an agreed amount per hour. The Volunteer can decline such requests without affecting their Volunteering terms.

Payment: There will be no financial contribution paid to the Volunteers unless otherwise agreed for overtime work. All tips received on the tour are not shared between other Volunteers nor with the company. If the client asked to share the tip, the Volunteer must give the amount to the expedition leader to mediate the sharing process either with the whole team or to specific individuals.

How you are expected to contribute: We have 4 different types of days normally and each of which are described below. There may be some odd exceptions where the unexpected type of work may be needed including but not limited to extreme weather, natural disaster, search & rescue, transport of horses on the trailer etc.

Normal Working day: Each Volunteer will be scheduled work with another Volunteer or a staff on ROTA system. This includes preparation of breakfast, serving & cleaning – Training (learning and teaching skills such as first-Aid, off-road driving, wilderness survival, search & rescue etc), preparation of lunch, serving & cleaning – Route verification ( you will be required to verify the hand-drawn map of the upcoming tour; just like going on a hike but on an MTB or dirt bike) – Camera crew: follow the clients on the expedition and take photos and videos of their adventure. – Food: collection through foraging, fishing and hunting, then preparing to store them using anti-microbial methods. Setting up tents and campfire.

For more details visit: http://toursinexpeditions.com/volunteer-with-tours-in-expeditions-ltd-tie/
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