¡Postulá tu talento! Buenos Aires ARG

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Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


We are the Centro de Atención Integral para la Inclusión (CAII) located in Buenos Aires. We work we families who live in situations of vulnerability by generating systematic inclusion processes. . We are looking for volunteers with an advanced level of Spanish proficiency to help with our Center for Child Care Assistance, whose mission is to guarantee the healthy growht and development of socially vulnerable children.

We have a few housing options that we use depending on the number of volunteers we receive. We offer student resident housing with a local university we partner with. We also offer family homestays with people who agree to host our volunteers. Both of these options provide housing that is in the center of Buenos Aires and is near our location. All volunteers and staff take a lunch break to eat together during the workday. There are also vegetarian options. It is hard to say how other food will work because it is dependent on length of the workday and stay, but we can discuss this more if you are interested in our opportunity.

Buenos Aires is such a wonderful city to explore, and by only working 20 hours a week (4 hours per day) you will be able to have a lot of time to discover the city! The busing and subway systems are very reasonably priced and take you everywhere in the city, so it is very easy to see all of the sites. Because weekends are free, it is also easy to take short trips to Uruguay, Brazil, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, and even Patagonia! If you are interested in Buenos Aires and have a passion for helping families in poverty, volunteering, and childcare, this would be perfect for you!

  • ¡Postulá tu talento! Buenos Aires ARG
  • ¡Postulá tu talento! Buenos Aires ARG
  • ¡Postulá tu talento! Buenos Aires ARG
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