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Gaia Farm

Location: San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
we offer a volunteer program in some periods of the year.
The minimum stay period for volunteer is 7 days, and if the experience has been successful for all, you can stay for a longer period
Please read it and if you agree send back the application form,clarifying when are you willing to come, as we only receive two visitors in a period.

please contact us again if you have another question or suggestion.

Silvia Balado
Asociación GAIA

Cel (02227) 15552554



The volunteer program is an opportunity to share the daily life with a pioneer small community, and to help in different areas according to the needs
We are working hard in different areas, and your help and willingness would be very appreciated.

It's IMPORTANT to clarify that the volunteer program is not an educational program to learn or practice permaculture / natural building.
If you are interested in learning we suggest that you can start the experience with a training program,
and then you can stay for a longer period as a volunteer.
Please check the full information of the next educational programs at the website www.gaia.org.ar

The organized activities for volunteers include:
4hs a day work in different areas (cleaning, cooking, general maintenance, building, etc)
The Volunteer work will be in exchange for part of your accommodation and food, you'll have to pay a collaboration of us$10$dollars per day
The minimun stay period for volunteer is 7 days, and if the experience has been successful for all, you can stay for a longer period
We can consider the posibility of full exchange for 8hs work after this first period.

Application for Apprenticeships

Date of Birth:
Actual address (City- State - Country)
Phone/ Fax:

How did you learn about Asociación Gaia?

Expectations about the volunteer program? Do you need any clarification?

When are you planning to come, and for how long?

What is your first language? Do you speak Spanish?

Background (education/ work)

Do you have any skills?

What is your personal vision for yourself, your passion in life...

Apprentices will be living in a pioneer ecovillage project and interacting daily with Gaia members. Though the core group is small and still changing, we receive lots of visitors... How do you feel about living and sharing with others a simple life in a rural area?

Everyone living or visiting Gaia has a role in assisting with community meals, cleanup, and housekeeping as a part of the weekly rhythm. Do you have any objection to participating in this way?

You will be in an environment where you will have the opportunity to look at and take responsibility for your own behavior patterns. How committed are you to utilize this opportunity?

Do you have any health problems, special needs, addictions, allergies? Take any medication?

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

We would like to share some basic guidelines, that we ask you to accept, to
make your stay at Gaia pleasurable and joyfull for everyone:

The meals are ovo-lacto-vegetarian, please ask in advance if you have
special dietary requirements. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no
extra snacks included.
The payment must be canceled at the beginning of the program. It will not
be reimbursed if the participant suddenly decides to leave.
The foreign participants must have their visa in order, and an international
health insurance.
The participants must bring sleeping bag, towels, flashlight, boots, rain
gear and comfortable working clothes.
Dormitory accommodations are simple but comfortable. We request visitors to
keep the bedrooms tidy and clean.
We share maintenance and cleaning of common spaces (dining areas, bathrooms,
living rooms, etc.). Please do not use toxic/chemical cleaning products.
If you have a different task to suggest, please check it out with the
residents first. When we finish our tasks we clean the tools and tidy up the
work place.
We encourage the conscious use of energy (lighting, water, gas, wood) in
order to avoid waste.
We separate organic from inorganic waste. We classify and recycle containers
of various materials. We don't throw papers, plastic, cigarette butts, etc.
to the floor. Please take non-recyclable items with you (i.e. used
It is not permitted to consume alcohol, drugs or hallucinogenic substances
during your stay at Gaia.
Please do not smoke in closed areas or galleries, and smokers are requested
to keep their cigarette butts in a bag, and take them back with them.
Fires are allowed only in the fire circle, in order to avoid forest fires.
The organizers may suspend the program, if the participant does not respect
the agreements.

Some other basic things good to know before coming.
Gaia is located in a quiet and beautiful rural area in the argentine pampas.
Navarro is the nearest town, 12km. There are buses or taxi to go there, where you may find whatever you need, also INTERNET connection.
At Gaia there is WI-FI connection for those how bring their personal computer
You can NOT CHECK your EMAILS at Gaia'c omputers (only if really urgent)

You can receive emails at Gaia to our email adress [email protected] (with your name in subject, and no attachments)

The volunteers must bring sleeping bag, towels, torch, rubber boots (for working in natural building with earth), rain gear and comfortable working cloth and hat. The climate in october is spring, mostly sunny but some rains and also some cold nights.
The climate from december to feb is a hot humid summer, but with frequent rains and some cold nights.

How to get to Gaia? (spanish version below)
The Ecovillage project is located in Navarro, in a rural area 120km from Buenos
Aires City. So you will have a long way...

From Buenos Aires Airport - Ezeiza - you can take a bus, called "Manuel
Tienda de Leon", to Buenos Aires city (30 minutes)

Once in the city you can take a minibus (the most quik and direct way to get to Gaia). There are minibus services from BA to Navarro every day . For informations please call Del Sur 02227-430803
If you want a regular bus, ask for directions on how to get to Primera Junta by subway or taxi.
You have to look for the bus station (in Yerbal 681, 20mts from Colpayo street), were you take the bus # 136 to Navarro (6,60$ in coins!, 3hs). Only some buses per day, call for schedules to 4903-0244

When you arrived to Navarro you take a remis (taxi) to Ecovilla GAIA they
all know were it is (15 minutes). If it's raining hard and the remis cant get by the main road, ask him to leave you in the other entrance (orange & white pole) and you can walk to Gaia (aprox 1500mt)
For any problem, you can call us to Gaia 02272-492072, or celular phone 02227-15552554,
we will be waiting for you!

Also if you prefer, its possible to make taxi arragements in advance with Navarro taxi office,
to look for you at the airport, or any hostel in BA.
It may take 1,30hs (aprox us$80)
Las comodidades son sencillas, en habitaciones compartidas. Los baños son
ecológicos y compartidos entre dos habitaciones. La alimentación, una rica dieta naturista!
Navarro es el pueblo mas cercano, a 12km. Hay 3 buses diarios hasta alli,
donde puedes conseguir de todo, tambien conexion a Internet.
El clima en verano es caluroso durante el día, puede también haber algunos
días lluviosos y noches frescas, y en general hay bastantes mosquitos... Si
usas repelente, por favor NO en aerosol (tenemos a la venta repelente
natural con aceites esenciales )

COMUNICACIONES - Disponemos de teléfono para recibir solamente llamados
breves (+54-2272) 492072. También se puede utilizar para llamadas de
No se puede usar la conexion de Internet en Gaia para chequear tu correo
personal (hay cyber-cafe en el pueblo de Navarro). Si se pueden recibir
mensajes a nuestra direccion [email protected] con tu nombre en el asunto, y

Cosas para traer?
Sabanas o bolsa de dormir (hay 2 mantas por cama)
Toallas y elementos de aseo personal.
Ropa comoda y de trabajo, algo de abrigo. Sombrero.
Botas de goma (para las tareas de construccion en barro)
Una linterna

Asociación GAIA - Argentine Permaculture Institute
www.gaia.org.ar - E-Mail [email protected]
Postal Address: Almafuerte 1732 - (1650) San Martin - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone (+54-2272) 492072
Fax (+54-11) 47522197
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