A wonderful volunteering opportunity here in Bogotá, Colombia

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Location: Bogotá DC, Colombia


Be part of our dream and our project to bring some of the world’s best education to an underprivileged community in the south of Bogotá starting in October 2020, where it can have the biggest impact and really change lives! We provide you a space and training to share your skills or passion with the members of this community. We will help extract a skill, talent or passion (if needed) and structure it into a course that can be delivered to this community. In this project, we will help you to design and teach a course for 3-4 weeks(min), 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday.

We are passionate about education and innovation. We believe education is the continued search for new information or skills and new ways to practice, share or put them to use. We want to offer the local community lessons in a wide range of topics that previously were not available or accessible, and can help them to develop, grow and/or provide new opportunities.

We are looking for volunteers with a fluency in Spanish (level B2 and above) to deliver courses who want to live a total immersion experience as teachers/instructors. Sharing with the community, our volunteers will be able to practice their Spanish all the time with people of different ages while teaching them a subject of their passion. At the same time, our experienced teachers will guide you throughout the process. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be learning teaching strategies, developing a sustainable course and helping a community that will be learning with people from other countries for the first time.

On their first week with us, we want to work side by side with our volunteers creating the program for the lessons they will offer. We’ll offer activities to learn more about the community and training in teaching or presentation strategies.

From the second week, our volunteers can start giving the lessons 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday. They may need one or two hours extra to plan before every class and evaluate once they are finished. We’ll be there to help our volunteers in all parts of the process. With the rest of their time, they can explore Bogotá, join tours and activities or join other activities in the neighborhood to share more time with the community.

As part of your time here, we will provide you with accommodation in shared rooms located in the same building as the school here in Ciudad Bolívar. You will have internet access, a kitchen, a washing machine and a terrace to relax and enjoy the fresh air and amazing view.

When you have free time or on the weekends, we will recommend different activities and places you can visit so you can get the best and make the most of your time in Bogotá and Colombia.

What else is included:
Meals (Monday to Friday)
Accommodation (Monday to Sunday)
Free Activities (e.g. graffiti tour, Tejo, Dance Lessons, Language Exchange..to name a few)

We are located in Ciudad Bolívar, in a neighbourhood called Manitas - the second TransmiCable. You’ll be up in the hills with an incredible view of the whole of Bogotá, and will experience a total immersion with the local community.

Manitas is a neighborhood where many builders, drivers and cleaning ladies who everyday get up very early to go to work in other parts of the city while their kids study half day and spend the other half alone at home or on the streets. This project aims to turn this neighborhood into a center of education and innovation where, initially locals can have access to courses in specific subjects like languages, leadership, management, etc. We hope our volunteers are passionate about education, are willing to interact with the local community in different spaces and share their knowledge with them.

A truly unique adventure and not at all the typical tourist life or backpacker trail.

  • A wonderful volunteering opportunity here in Bogotá, Colombia
  • A wonderful volunteering opportunity here in Bogotá, Colombia
  • A wonderful volunteering opportunity here in Bogotá, Colombia
  • A wonderful volunteering opportunity here in Bogotá, Colombia
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