Ashram - yoga/meditation retreat Canada

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Location: Southampton, NS, Canada


Namaste! Thank you for stopping by. :-) I hope you will join me on my journey for a month, 2 months, or long-term.

I am transitioning a 200-year-old heritage property (once the hotel for the village) into an ashram/yoga retreat.

Some of the areas of activity that I want to undertake are:
-yoga/meditation retreat
-large vegetable and herb gardens
-alternative, renewable energy to reduce our dependence on the grid
-art studio, as there are a lot of tourists here in the summer
-occasionally playing a bit with my beautiful little children when they are here and, if you are non-English, maybe teaching them a few words of your language

So....I need people (short or long term) with the following skills - or at least an interest in these things:
-animal care - as I may house some alpacas here from my other little farm
-fibre arts (processing the alpaca fibre and making things from it)
-a passion for yoga and meditation, to help me develop and put on programs for guests at the ashram

...and it is always nice to have some company. :-)

If/when the house ever becomes full, I plan to start building tiny homes on the property.

I am amenable to stays as short as three weeks, but I prefer at least a month (or longer, if it turns out that we really have good chemistry). In fact, if someone shares my long-term vision for the Ashram and the intentional community that I want to build, I am amenable to them staying permanently. :-) I want to live happily ever after with about 5 or 6 kindred spirits.

I am LGBT friendly (am personally pansexual and polyamorous).

I have been vegetarian and try my best to cater to dietary restrictions. The house is strictly non-smoking.

  • Ashram - yoga/meditation retreat Canada
  • Ashram - yoga/meditation retreat Canada
  • Ashram - yoga/meditation retreat Canada
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