Beautiful and relaxing Wine Lodge Hotel countryside

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Location: Mendoza, Argentina


We are looking for ongoing people who`d like to have a great time with us. We need someone or a couple for the overnight shift in the lodge. We are very strict with the self cleaning and kindness to the guests. Search for us on Trip Advisor and you`ll see the kind of accommodation we are and what people expects from us. We can offer a private room with queen bed with private bathroom in the Lodge. Since there`s NO much work to do more than staying over night (sleeping of course, no need to stay awake) and helping guests in case they need something before they go to bed or a small early breakfast if required by any guest, in exchange we can offer accommodation for 2(two). In the event of a night with no guests, there will be no requirement for the duty, but we ask in return for the accommodation 4 hours of work per day with no guests. This work may include cleaning or light maintenance. Our guests come from all over the world creating a really warm atmosphere. We only have 4 double rooms so it`s a very quiet place to stay and work. You can enjoy the rest of the day! We are flexible with working hours and you can have nights off in case you want to explore a bit more. We always compensate somehow if you do any extra work! Minimum stay is 2 weeks. LOOKING FOR HELPERS FROM END OF AUGUST/BEG SEPT 2018 If we are all happy, then: the longer the better! :)
We are waiting for you!

With a recently completed construction and an elegant touch of eclectic form, the design and style of TIKAYKILLA Lodge & Wines, beautifully reflects the traditional and rural land of Mendoza from which it is rooted.
Springing from a marvelous display of plants and indigenous trees of various typical fruits from Mendoza region, Tikaykilla Lodge & Wines looks out on an expanse 3000m2 of open country full of picturesque vineyards introducing the visitor to the origin of the wine produced in this region.

  • Beautiful and relaxing Wine Lodge Hotel countryside
  • Beautiful and relaxing Wine Lodge Hotel countryside
  • Beautiful and relaxing Wine Lodge Hotel countryside
  • Beautiful and relaxing Wine Lodge Hotel countryside
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