The Fleet is calling

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Location: presently Coast of West Africa, West Africa


Sailing Fleet community that seek their own destiny keeping away from a drowning civilization.

We live and work on our ships with no connection to any Nation. Nomads in the original sense. We all work hard and no easy life is to be expected here. There is beauty here. Animal life. Wild and away.

If you are blind and lame but with fire in you heart you are welcome. If you need your toys, come to "help" or want to teach the ideological nonsense of modern civilization stay away even if you have all qualifications for the sea.

We share food and a place on our ships and we don't use any kind of money here - at least not between us. There are no hours - we don't plan, nature does. Some days there is nothing to do others we have to work until we drop. Food is what is mostly what we fish plus some goats or wild chicken. No place for fancy stuff but its very nicely prepared by our smutje.

  • The Fleet is calling
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