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Location: Kpeve, Ghana


We are a registered organization here in Kpeve, Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa. We are into Organic farms that goes mostly but not limited to home remedies - mericinal plants and medicinal plants products. Our aims are to Heal, Teach, promote peace and Empower the people and in these ways create employment opportunities making the people become self-sufficient and also maintain a very healthy ecosystem thereby. We are having 3 sites presently not too far away from each other and they are all occupied by Noni plants, Cinnamon, cypress, moringa oliefera and other great medicinal plant. So Far, we have been able to produce many products wuth great research and nature concern such as the Noni Juice, Ointments, Soaps, Creams, Powders, etc.

We are in need of volunteers to help with this life changing project that would help the people and also the ecosystem.

Work Generally is:
Weeding, seedlings, transplanting, harvesting, production center, and any other help as related to the project.

Hours of work:
3 - 4 hours daily except sundays Sundays are free days and Sartudays mostimes.

3 rich meals daily are provided and accomodations are shared rooms and private rooms at our family house.

What Volunteer/Interns would benefit :
Cultural lessons, Poetry's, cooking lession, language lessons, etc.

What you can do at leasure to see more of Ghana:
Monkey sactuary, water falls, Highest mountain climbing, etc.

Contact us:
David Walter
[email protected]

  • Help Needed With Noni - Farm
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