help needed at herbalst hospital in Morogoro

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Location: Morogoro, Tanzania


This registered non profit organization it is based right outside the town of Kiberege in the Morogoro region, Kalembwana is the grandmother, Bibi in Swahili She founded the herbalist hospital 1912 when she left she would only have few years more to exercises ,she transmitted all her knowledge to her grandson. Today he is renowned doctor. Those dealt a bad hand by sickness and misfortune-stricken from all over the country travel to be treated and have wicked spirits exorcised. Kalembwana also an organic farming with rice,bananas,papayas,coconut and vegetable garden also It is a wonderful herbalist hospital for regular disease . like stomach disease,Mental disease,Alcoholism, and drug abuse we are giving treatment by using roots,herbs, leaves. We welcome volunteers from all over the world who are willing to stay and work in our community, helping patients ,elders and farming activities as well as sharing lifestyle with the people around the villages. Volunteers will work side by side with the local people from the area including long term patients from the hospital,Elders and members of the family . Jobs include working in the rice fields, making bricks,building projects (mudhouses and brickshouses), making bricks, cooking, teaching, Gardening work, Vegetable garden, helping the inhabitants with different things, Physiotherapy for patients with disabilities (Physiotherapist) preparing and collecting herbs,roots,for medicine, Teaching English children around the community etc. We have single and double room for volunteer,

  • help needed at herbalst hospital in Morogoro
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