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Fruits of life community project Uganda

Location: Lake bunyonyi kabale, Uganda
This is the project that works with a big community of more than 200 people ,we work to make sure that we improve the standard of living of people most especially young children, orphans,needy, widowers,and elderly most of the time the young people we all them to get involved in sports such as swimming lesson, playing football ball, teaching people morden agricultural practices, teaching people how to make hand made materials such as crafts,taloring and kneting
Our project has started helping people to lmprove their life standards
While volunteering with us you can can also access these things such as canoeing,water sports, hiking, lake travel , touring historical islands(punishment island, liprosy island) learning African culture , visiting pygmies tribe (batwa) and more others


We need people to work with us in our project just two hours in a day


We eat 50%of food from our garden and we offer 3 meals in a day (break fast, lunch and dinner
Currently l host from my house there are two private rooms for volunteers but lam also constructing cottages for our volunteers