Location: Nairobi , Kenya
Hello, Lizzy , a 25-year-old member of our team working alongside others to make a difference in our community. We hail from various slums in Kenya, including Kibera and Githurai. Our journey has led us to open up to Volunteer Base as a way of seeking support from volunteers who share our passion and commitment.

Our mission of improving both the environmental and social conditions of our community is threefold. We focus on plastic collection and recycling, empowerment of women, especially in matters of hygiene and education, and rescuing vulnerable children from the streets and abusive environments. Our goal is to create cleaner communities, empower our youth, and ensure food security for families. We believe in putting the power back into the hands of our community members to drive lasting social and environmental change through changes in behaviour.

In regards to the child rescuing and girl support, we are already making a significant impact. We produce 3 meals a day and education for our 25 children at out centre, providing safety, food, love, and education. Furthermore, we distribute girl necessities such as pads and tampons in the community, ensuring girls have access to these essential items.


As a volunteer with us, you'll be an integral part of our efforts. Your daily routine will involve waking up at 9 am on weekdays to prepare tea and food for the kids in our rescue center and community with community ladies help beside you. After that, you'll have the opportunity to engage in various activities, such as assisting at the plastic collection and recycling site or providing mentorship to girls. You can also contribute by assisting with childcare and household tasks.

In the afternoon, when the children return from school, you'll have the chance to play with them and help prepare meals. Saturdays are dedicated to market and washing duties, while Sundays offer a later start and the option to join us for church at around 9 am.

Flexibility is key, and we encourage you to bring your ideas to the table to enhance our efforts. Additionally, during your time with us, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to our fundraising initiatives. Whether it's through organizing fundraising events, donating directly, or utilizing platforms like "GoFundMe," you can help raise funds for critical needs such as children's education and our plan to acquire a larger compound. This new space will enable us to create a more colourful and comfortable environment for the children, where we can paint the walls with vibrant colours, enhancing their daily lives. You can also document our journey by capturing pictures and collecting stories from our kids, further engaging our supporters in our mission.

Your journey with us will culminate in a memorable farewell party, where you'll have the chance to cook a local dish for the children and bid them farewell, knowing you've made a lasting impact on their lives


Your stay with us will be right at the heart of our mission, as you'll live in the center alongside the children in either the girls' or boys' room. We understand the importance of staying connected, so you can count on good Wi-Fi availability. Electricity is readily available to meet your daily needs.

For personal hygiene, we wash with water fetched from the community (but by hand), embracing a more traditional approach. Our toilet and shower facilities are community-style, with the toilet being of the ground variety and showers using buckets.

Meals are an integral part of our communal experience, and you'll enjoy them with the kids in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the evening. We provide blankets for your comfort and warmth.

While we offer essential amenities, you'll need to purchase your own drinking water and snacks. Fortunately, a large supermarket is just a few minutes away, and numerous small shops in close proximity ensure you have easy access to daily essentials. Your stay with us promises both comfort and an authentic immersion in our community