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Looking for woofers for a farm

Country: Morocco · City: Marrakech

Hello This is a 40 ha farm with fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, animals and forages. It is all organic following permaculture principales but not only; Biodynamics keyline design and holistic management ad included... Many things to learn and do.. Place is lovely in the countryside of Marrakech, foo...


Country: Morocco · City: Marrakech

The main activity of this Work Camp is to paint and restore the school Ibno Romi. The "Camp Leaders" make a program to paint the murals by center; the idea is to paint the center of creative and original, not as a mere function of maintenance. They also carry out cleaning duties as part of the maint...

Volunteer work and cultural exchange in Morocco (2016)

Country: Morocco · City: Ouarzazate

Hi all, The Association Generations for International Workcamps offers you a great opportunity to visit the south of Morocco in a productive and interesting way through the participation in the international workcamps of voluntary work it organizes in Ouarzazate, Morocco. For the summer of the year ...

I need help in farm here in morocco

Country: morocco · City: ZAGORA

Hi You are always welcome in my familly. We have always a lot of work to do and the house is enough space to host volunteers However, we have just started the farm and for the moment we are not able to give food for the volunteers. We would like you share with us the help in work or for you expiri...