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Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom


Hi, my name is Andy and I have been a hosting people for around 6 years on this site and through other organisations as well. I have been lucky as during this time most of the people who have stayed here have become great friends and have left me with some great memories.

I am a liberal person who appreciates spending my time with people with a similar outlook on life, people who want to learn more about this strange and wonderful planet we all occupy. People who care about others and want to learn more about themselves. I consider myself a well-educated person and believe that life is a continual learning experience, I have learnt a lot from my time hosting people and so the journey continues :-)

I like listening to the music of most genres, watching a good film, writing, watching documentaries, current affairs, psychology, history, politics, philosophy, reading and anything technical. I have a good sense of humour, I like to share a joke and tell a story. I like to laugh and of course to have as much fun as life allows me. I am self-employed and run my own business where I am mostly based at home.

I live here with my partner Joe, he is a good person and is also an experienced traveller. As you can probably already see, we are not a traditional family and we don't pretend to be :-) I would say that I prefer honest, loyal, independent and free-thinking people, who are interested in staying with us for a reason, are coming here for a true two-way cultural exchange, are hoping to develop a long-lasting friendship, for an experience away from home or who are coming here to challenge themselves. We live a simple life, have our daily routines like any other household and we are private people, so you would have to be someone who thinks that you can fit in here with us.

If you haven't done this before, I know it is a big deal. I travelled and lived abroad myself when I was younger. I would much prefer people to come here with the right expectations, so I will always respond to all messages and I am more likely to message you positively if you take the time to read my profile.



We eat fresh food every day. We care about eating tasty and healthy food from good sources. Joe is a Vegetarian and he is the main chef in the house :-) so cooks most of our main evening meals. I am a flexitarian and you can eat meat if you want to for your breakfast or lunch. Our former guests normally eat their evening meal with us which is provided as part of your stay here.

We live in a small apartment flat in a very diverse city area which is also a short drive away from a national park in the English countryside, so we have the best of both worlds. Like all the other guys who stayed here before, if you come here, you will sleep in the lounge in a shared area on a large sofa and bedding will be provided. It's not 5-star accommodation and we are not a hotel :-)

Everything is shared here and there is little privacy as it is a small place. You will be safe living here with us and you will be respected as an individual. If you are an adaptable person, then you will feel comfortable here as well.
As you can see from the previous guys who have stayed here before, they adapted and embraced the communal style of living.

I always try my best to tell those who contact me as much as I can about me and what to expect from living here with us before they arrive. Feel free to ask me any direct sensible questions that you may have, and I will provide direct honest answers. Although I am far from perfect, I am the type of person who always aims to treat people the way I would want to be treated myself.

Help Needed

I will be the person you spend the most time with and it will be great for you if you are the type of person who wants to immerse yourself head first into a cultural experience with people who are open and who are not doing this as an alternative way of finding a low-cost worker.

There are some daily household tasks and we have a rota which is quite easy to follow. these tasks involve some cleaning, washing dishes/pans, ironing, washing clothes and helping out with other tasks when needed. However, these will be discussed with you and don't take too much time.

I sometimes suffer from pain and other intermittent health issues due to a long-term medical condition, so your main tasks will be to help me whenever I need some assistance or keep me company if I need some help keeping active. I don't need a fitness coach just some good company and a mate :-)

  • Homestay - Local Charity Work - Cultural Exchange
  • Homestay - Local Charity Work - Cultural Exchange
  • Homestay - Local Charity Work - Cultural Exchange
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