Would you like to help us to change the world while reading books?

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey


We are a community who thinks they can change the world by reading. We goal to make awareness and get people attention to reading is the best tool for the future of humans. In our crowd, we read novels in the English language and make questions to motivate future readers also support them for comprehension books in various views by questionnaire. Our crowd established by local people who passionate and fancy readers. This community work for various projects to spread out to reading importance in the world. Such help libraries and contributions to people who have a hardness to get books.

We know most of the traveler only want to work as a volunteer for spending less on the budget, but regularly they work under hard conditions. This program is more than spend less if you are a people who can’t find the right time for reading or too tired for it, it’s the right time for reading books while traveling. We offer you to gain a reading habit during your volunteer activities. The only work is 'reading the given book' what we expect from you. You read the book while preparing the book questions on it. The books are all written in English, like the Harry Potter series.

As an average you should read 450 pages book daily; the working time depends on your reading speed; if you are an average reader and can able to read 90 pages per hour, maximum you will be worked 5 hours. The working time is flexible and maximum we expect 5 hours a day. All volunteer we invited in the community are welcomed and hospitality by us. ☺️ If you say, I want to join the program but willing to take more time to explore the city, you can specialize in your volunteering stay. For example; you can work for a full week then the following week you have 4 days off.

In Istanbul, you can find various activities and things to do for the rest of the time of your volunteer works. Also, the project leader is to let you all engage with local events in Istanbul and close cities. And every week we organize different fun activities such as parties, movie nights.

Free. Currently, we have an apartment for volunteer stays. The female and male volunteer stays in different rooms, but they shared the same flat. Depends on the number of volunteers we require you to share your room with another guy in your gender.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner provided (you have to cook lunch and dinner by yourself) We have a weekly budget per volunteer as enough to provide ingredients for cooking; such as noodles, pasta, some vegetables, etc. or what you wish

  • Would you like to help us to change the world while reading books?
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