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Location: Krasnaya Besarabka, Moldova


village Krasnaya Besarabka, , Grigoropol district , Transdniestr , MOLDOVA
Tel : (+37322) 48 82 58, (+373) 69155753
TRAVEL : To Chisinau where we can collect or by bus from Chisinau to Carmanova and 7 km by foot
Our property is on the outskirts of a typical village in a hilly part of Transdniestr, which is the east part of Moldova with large Russian and Ukrainian population. We are a family household consisting of me, my sister and husband and child. We have 2 ha of fruit trees, vegetables and 100 bee hives. We keep cows, rabbits, nutrias and chickens mostly for our own needs. We collect medicinal herbs and berries and make our own wine. Help needed especially in the spring & fall. Wood cutting and construction is done in the winter so you are welcome all year. Not recommended for highly allergic persons and temperatures may get high in the summer.

You can also email my cousin Lena on lena_lozinskiy[@] regarding the volunteering opportunity as she might need some help at her house in the countryside.

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