The Oak Tree Eco-Healing Project

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Location: Batsi, Andros, Greece


I recently secured some plot of land on the waterly Island of Andros. I am an Holistic-Energy Healer and plan to turn this place in an energy eco healing project! ????????????

The help I would like from volunteers are:
* Planting trees, vegetables and flowers
* Gardening
* Some help in eco-building of benches, toilettes, stove, etc
* Sometimes I might be need to transfer material around (like wood, little stones, kitchen stuff etc)
* Cooking (I usually do the cooking but sometimes it might be needed to be done by volunteer)
* Shopping
* Landscape the place
*Cleaning up the wild vegetation
For 4-5 hours, 5 days per week.

My plan for this summer is to make the buildings livable, build bathrooms and a small tree house, and to connect to the communal water supply system. In general, giving form to the area.

I offer accomodation in tents or other farm structures.
I would like to mention that the place for the time being is totally primitive, meaning that there is only a small warehouse and a room with no door/window for someone to sleep, or the alternative choice of a tent. There is electricity, but for water you have to walk about 5' to the closest spring (which is safe to drink).
Also, it might be possible for some time of short periods, to be hosted in Batsi Village in a friend's house.

You will have the chance to spend some time in a eco friendly space, connect with nature and meet many other travelers or people that share the same values. At the same time exploring the wonderful Island of Andros.
Also you can join me in my daily yoga practice, and when there are yoga classes, you can participate if you like. Also meditations, silent walks in nature, pranayama, mudra and mantras will be held, and you can join any of these. And because I am an Holistic Healer, I can give you Reiki session, and/or other energy healing sessions, and of course make a lot of spiritual conversations! :-)
As a person I like very much to travel around the world, meet new people, get into the local customs and philosophy and of course taste the local foods!!!
So I believe that taste the local foods is very essential for someone who travels, to get into the vibe of the place... And therefore I offer my Greek cuisine recipes to whoever will come, along with long conversations accompanied by my cute dog Arsinoe...????

  • The Oak Tree Eco-Healing Project
  • The Oak Tree Eco-Healing Project
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