Come and help us to create a better life for over 550 animals

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Location: Khon Kaen, Thailand


Welcome to the place full of light and love where miracles happen.

We are a sanctuary from Northeastern Thailand giving a home to over 550 rescued animals.
Most of them are dogs, we also have many cats, a few pigs and ducks.
We believe that every being has a right to life and that's why we always fight for our animals. More than 80 of our dogs are paralyzed or blind. Some of them were rescued from the streets, meat trade or other horrific places.
Our priority is to provide a good happy life to the ones that deserve it.

Volunteers are essential to help us take care of our furry friends.
Main part of their work here at the foundation is socializing (basically cuddling) with our animals so they can have a chance to trust people again.
Walks and different kind of activities are also appreciated by our lovely animals, especially blind ones.
Disabled dogs also can go for a walk on the wheelchair, moreover we have a swimming pool here where volunteers can do their hydrotherapy.

Social media is important for us so any kind of help in this field is always warmly welcome.
We need also people who like to make photos, videos, who have other creative skills as building, painting etc.

Our sanctuary is located in the village, far from the city. There is a beautiful national park nearby with a huge lake and famous temple.
Most of the local people here are buddhists and they almost don't speak English.
They are all very lovely, smiling and happy to welcome our volunteers.
You can get an opportunity to meet them at the Sunday market full of tropical fruits and vegetables, amazing cakes and other delights.
You can also attend different festivals organised by local community.
In the future we would like to run the project where our volunteers can teach English in the primary school.

We have a few types of accommodation to offer.
Basic option is a shared volunteer house, you can also choose your private house or a bungalow.
We provide lunch and free drinking water, tea, coffee to our volunteers.

Volunteers are expected to work 4-5 days a week. The schedule is very flexible.

  • Come and help us to create a better life for over 550 animals
  • Come and help us to create a better life for over 550 animals
  • Come and help us to create a better life for over 550 animals
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