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Phase 2, A Practical Step into Sustainability

Location: Damak, Nepal
Namaskar, and Welcome to The Joon Family

We look forward to meeting you in person, until then, this doc will give you insight into life here at the project and help you prepare for your experience. Also going through our website, youtube, Instagram can help you understand us better.

***Few Words from The Joon Project:***
The Joon Project is a very young sustainable project aiming to explore, experiment, and experience living a vision of maintaining harmony among nature, humans, and technology. It is mostly inspired by real-life experiences.

We are using temporary rented land in Damak, Jhapa for 5 years in the contract. Here, We are in process of establishing a temporary platform for living, working, inviting/meeting alike people, researching, developing, and sharing knowledge and skills we hold.
we want to focus on learning from nature, plants, soil, weather, water, air, eco constructions, celestial movement, local community and kids, and volunteers/people from around the world.

We called it “Phase 2, A Practical Step into Sustainability”.

For the coming 5 years from 2021, We want to accomplish the following goals, step by step from scratch, in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way possible.
*Have drinking, cleaning, irrigation, water source,
*Have basic huts/space for kitchen and dining,
*Have common sleeping hut for 8-10 person,
*Have two private sleeping huts,
*Have toilets,
*Have bathroom,
*Be able to host 20- people smoothly,
*Have tools store hut and working space,
*Have compost manure processing area,
*Have greenhouse/tunnel,
*Raise as much as possible plants of different species and sustain with plant base *local organic food and distribute them.
*Build One sports ground
*Build One Pavilion for Yoga and Meditation Session
*Build Water Mill for irrigation+ grinding+ electricity maybe
By 2022 end.
*Drop plastics and replace them with Eco products,
*Drop factory produced foods and goods,
*Data collection of farming, crafts, construction, food, education, health, weather, and climates,
*Build Library
*Document on movies, Create Educational Text Book for Being Carpenter, Farmer, Designer, Builder, Cook, Write and Publish articles.
*and keep stable running for 3 more years.
By the end of Phase 2, 2026,
*We aim to raise 1000s of plants and have distributed them for free and still 1000s ready to be transported to The Project Land.
*Have a huge amount of Data Collected and lifelong experience and skills.

And we want to be able to share this phase of learning with the local community and kids, volunteers, and interested people from the village and the world.

Note: Everything we do at The Joon Project will last for a moment only, so we live it and capture it too, as data-keeping. The project will keep changing with time, circumstances, learning, new people, and new ideas. Nothing is static but at the same time, we follow a few basic eating, sleeping, working, and loving patterns (which can change too). Just be open about everything.

***Joining The Joon Project***
As you see what we are working on, you are welcome to get involved in :
*Organic Farming (Designing, Planning, Manure Processing, Digging, Weeding, Planting, Mulching, Shopping, Watering, Data collection/entry, and so on)
*Construction (Designing, Planning, Building, Painting, Chopping, and so on)
*Kids Workshop ( Yoga, Meditation, Painting, Singing, Playing, Story Reading, Writing, *Tutoring Math, Science, Languages, Construction, Farming and so on)
*Kitchen/Cooking (Shopping, Vegan Cooking ( On Time), Cleaning, Stock Report, Recipe Writing, Food Drying, Preserving, Baking and so on)
*Technology (Finding Energy, Solar, Water Mill, Irrigation, Software Development, and so on )
*Social Networking (Knowledge of Internet, Website, Article Writing, Crowd Fundraising, Event Management, Photography, Video Filming, and Editing, and so on)
*Data Keeping (Daily Tasks, Weather, Finance, Cook Book, Farming, Construction, Asset Tracking, New Contacts, and so on)
*Art and Craft (Painting, Song/Music Writing, Dancing, Bamboo/wood carving, Pottery, DIY projects, Brainstorming, and so on)
*Health and Well Being (Yoga, Meditation, Sports, Exercise, Human Anatomy, Massage, and Therapy, Herbal Knowledge, and so on)
And More as you know...

***Life in The Joon Project.***
In the Project, we see life simply. We work hard and learn from it, eat healthily, sleep good and love everyone. And share free.
In this Phase 2, while we are aiming to be self-sufficient, loads of brainstorming and physical work is required in every sector.

**As Time, we try to follow:**
*Sun movement to sleep, work and eat.
*Moon movement to work with plants.
*And conscience to live and love,

Note: It means, time will keep changing, even for the same thing we do on daily basis.

**Typical Week:**
We request a minimum of 25 hrs of physical work per week during your stay.
*Fridays: we work a half-day.
*Saturday and Sunday: you’re free to do anything you like!

**Typical Working Day:**
We request 5 hrs of physical contribution per day (depending on the time of the year) on workdays.
*We wake up 1 hr before sunrise,(optional)
*Yoga and meditation for 1.5 hrs, (optional)
*Have Breakfast after 2-3 hrs of sunrise, (On time)
*We work for 3 hrs, (on Time)
*Have Heavy Lunch after 4 hrs after breakfast (On Time)
*Work of 2 hrs (On Time)
*Have dinner an hour/two before sunset (On Time)
*Sleep 2 hrs after sunset(optional)

**Food We Eat: **
*We eat simply pure vegetarian food at The Project.
*We consume local organic products,
*Himalayan salt for white salt,
*Sakhar (Brown Sugar from Sugarcane) for white sugar,
*Seasonal Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Beans
*Variations of rice, dal (lentils), chapati/bread for lunch,
*Pickles and spices to spice up,
*and Mix Soup for dinner.

Note: Same time, you can bring and cook for yourself if you want, once in a while.

**Where we sleep: **
You will have options to choose for what best suits you and what we have,
*Shared Concreted Room with 2 people(500 meters away from The Project Land),
*Concreted Private Room (2000 meters away from The Project Land)
*Shared space in The Project land, hammock, and a place to put a tent under open sky and river with insects fish snakes and frogs, mouse too.

We are in process of designing and constructing a Volunteer hut and two other private huts.

Note: Please carry your sleeping bag, mat, and mosquito net. Tent too if you can, you won’t regrade it.

**What to do in our free time:**
*Go hiking around hills,
*Go swimming,
*Read, draw, do yoga,
*Spend time with the villagers,
*Go Explore City,
*Play sports - football, indoor games, cards, chess, etc
*Keep Working
*Day Dream
*Sing, Dance,
*Spend time with Kids, and more

***Contribution to The Project: ***
We ask for 9 $ of contribution per day during your time of stay. This fee will include food and The Joon Project build-up. After the first 3 months (90 days), you are free to join and stay as long as you wish in the future.
Phase 2, A Practical Step into Sustainability Phase 2, A Practical Step into Sustainability
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