Need volunteers for Fundraising Campaign in Nepal

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Location: Thakre, Dhading, Nepal


We have an organic farm in Thakre, Dhading District near by Kathmandu in the direction of Pokhara. My farm is 10 minutes walking distance from the Prithivi Highway in the beautiful, peaceful hillside village.

We are only 1 hour from Kathmandu so it is easy to go for a day during your stay.

There are 6 in my family; my grandmother, mother, father, my little sister,brother and myself. We also have our pet dog and keep goats, cows and chickens. Both of parents are English teachers so we all speak good English.

On our 17-ropani farm we grow potatoes, tomatoes, radish, carrots, lettuce, garlic, onion, peas, rice, cron, wheat and more. All of our methods are 100% organic and pesticide free. For medicine, we use plant and traditional methods.

Because of the huge disaster (Earthquake of 7.8 magnitude) on 25-04-2015, we lost our beautiful traditional Nepali house and currently we are staying on a zinc cottage all family members combine in one cottage. Recently we built some more cottage for volunteers and some poor kids who are staying with us at this moment.

My father and mother are teacher and social servers and teaching kids for almost 40 years. So they are very much respected persons here. After the earthquake, lots of kids looses their parents on that quake and became orphans and staying with their neighbor and relatives. But the are not able to get good care and study so my parents, me and my elder brother are planning to build a orphan house here so the kids who loose their parents during quake can stay and have a good future on-wards. We serious needs some helping hands who can help us on this project.

You can also help us on our project by fundraising campaign which you can run in your country.

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