Help Needed to improve English for community in the village ( 15 March to April 2018 )

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Location: Temanggung, INdonesia


Hi My name is Supardi. l live in Temanggung, Central Java. Temanggung is located around two hours to the North from Yogyakarta. Temanggung exactly lies on the slope of Sumbing and Sindoro mountains. It has a friendly weather.

l live with a wife and a five year old son, my house is simple and easy to access. l am a seaman when l am far away from home, I work for one of European cruise line. Normally l will be on cruise for six to seven months. I have vacation for two months and a half to three months.

During my vacation at home l love spending time to share my English knowledge through teaching people around me. In this opportunity l would like to invite you volunteers to come and help people here in learning and improving English.

When you volunteers come and help us, you can stay a week, two weeks or longer. It is unpaid position. Here l can serve you three times meal a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can serve Indonesian food such rice, fried rice, tofu, vegetables, potato soup and so on. For your comfort, Washing machine is available for you to use.

During your stay you will involve in some activities in my neighborhood such as charity event and social activities. You can also visit some interesting local places like spring water, earthenware home industry, local coffee processing, waterfalls.

Some traditional performances also can be found here in Temanggung such as Horse dance. Temanggung also has its unique culinary to visit during your stay, one of them is the evening street food culinary. You can also visit some places in neighboring city like Borobudur temple in Magelang and also Dieng plateau in Wonosobo. You can go with me by riding motorcycle or take public transportation. l look forward to seeing you to come and help us here to improve English. SUPARDI

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