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Boca de Lobo: working on a Coffee farm

Location: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
Boca de Lobo is now being further developed and shaped into a platform for exchange of knowledge and cultural values between the native people and individual travelers from around the world.

With this platform we want to improve the local economy and quality of life. Furthermore we strive to maintain Nicaragua’s cultural values in times of growing tourism.

A space where travelers can learn and live the culture and also give some of their own experience and individual values to the local people. It’s about give and take.

Based on our values we believe that every person has an individual way of how to approach a new culture. May be through music, meeting local people and learn about their history, get involved into coffee, one of the most precious goods of Nica’s agriculture. We want you to find your individual bond to Nicaragua’s culture.

We wish that this place may spread the experience how tourism and local cultural values should collaborate in order to protect and preserve the countries historical and cultural values.

We believe that every person has an individual way to experience or being touched by a culture. That's why there is no fixed planning or requests to leave space for individuality.

Activities can be
- learning and helping in the coffee field
- taking care of the animals
- working in the vegetable garden
- looking for cultural roots that you are interested in (pottery, music, farming, coffee, history, basket weaving etc.)

We ask travelers to
- have a basic knowledge of the spanish language - otherwise the exchange for both sides will be difficult
- be taking language classes on the farm or in the town close by twice a week
- not consuming drugs or alcohol on the farm
- being willing to adapt to the culture and treat local workers respectfully

We ask to the volunteers to stay at least three weeks to have the opportunity to be in touch with the culture in a more depply way

If you feel like a deep-dive into the finca life could be what makes your journey, we are happy to hear from you and are also available to respond to whatever remaining questions you might have.
Boca de Lobo: working on a Coffee farm