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Communal organic farm in the andes

Location: Loja, Ecuador
Yves Zehnder / Chrystel Murphy
cassilla 1101-812 , Loja , ECUADOR
Tel : 011 593 72 673 162 (spanish)
LOCATION : A two hour walk from town.
TRAVEL : bus to villcabamba, walk to the farm.
Come help start a communal organic farm in the andes. We have just purchased 25 acers of mountain to start a self sufficient farming community. We are located in southern Ecuador, near the town of Villcabamba. Life is still very rustic here as the land is yet undeveloped. There is lots of room to help as we try to create a permaculture site. Being close to a national park the natural surroundings are very healing. Projects include, adobe building, veggy gardens, donkey care, solar hot tub and the usualy farm festivities. Come on by!
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