Lakeside Hostel is Looking for a Housekeeper and General Handyman

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Location: Crescent Cityi, USA


The Lakeside hostel is looking for a housekeeper and general handyman. The position involves 4 days per week of housekeeping which typically last 2-3 hours/day, and one 8 hour per week of work on trailer renovation. The trailer is intended to provide emergency accommodation for our housekeeper until we are able to build a new housekeeper residence. Complete training is available for the trailer renovation.

Housekeeping typically involves washing sheets, towels, pillow cases, dish cloths, rags, cleaning laminate floor with rags and spot cleaner, vacuuming, cleaning kitchen counter tops, cleaning bathroom ceiling and floors, cleaning bathtub, cleaning toilet, cleaning inside windows and window tracks if necessary, spraying lemon grass based ant poison, cleaning refrigerator, relocating and removing daddy long leg spiders.

Additionally the housekeeper will do just one day of work per week on a camp trailer that the housekeeper will be staying in. The first task is to seal the roof, which involves climbing an 8-foot ladder and placing a sheet of plywood on the roof, so that you have something to sit on while working on the roof. Once on the roof you will scrape loose sealant from the seams, pressure wash the roof, install a new exhaust vent, reseal the seems, and then roll liquid rubber over the entire roof, and apply additional liquid rubber to seems on the edges. Total estimated time for sealing the roof is just one day. In subsequent days the housekeeper will prep and paint just one side of the camp trailer per week.

International volunteers are guaranteed a food allowance that will cover all meals while working with us. Domestic volunteers have flexibility and may either work only 2 days per week without compensation, or accept an arrangement similar to international housekeepers. Housekeepers are allowed to stay in the main house when it is available.

With respect to the property, the Lakeside hostel is just a short walk to Lake Earl, which is a wild and scenic undeveloped lake. The hostel is close to town and the nearest grocery store is 3.89 miles away. One of the more famous redwood parks is located just over 2 miles away, and the city of Crescent City is approximately 4.5 miles away. Crescent City is on the ocean and is famous for its many beaches and maritime community. Other things to see in the community include a live theatre, the Gallery of Arts and Culture, the Gallery operated by the California Redwood Arts Association, Battery Point Lighthouse, Pt Saint George Lighthouse, a number of beaches, and some of the largest redwood trees in the world. The largest tree in the system is over 400 feet tall, and large enough for more than two cars to drive through side by side.

Feel free to contact us if you would like some additional information. The Lakeside Hostel is managed by DNGR, a California 501(c)3 association. All applicants are required to provide government pictured ID and agree to back ground check.

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