Intentional community in Forkes

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Location: Forks , United States


Greetings! We have been living on our 5 acres out here for two years now. We are an intentional community with three permanent residents at the moment. Our priorities are community, food independence, non-violent communication, permaculture... raw and cultured dairy! We live in a beautiful area where we receive an average of 140" of rain a year. Needless to say, the monsoon season is epic,but the summer is lovely! We have ducks that provide delicious eggs and a goat herd for milk. We are working with shade loving plants, micro climates, and perennials to create a self-sustaining food forest that will provide food for us year round. We live in a 2 story pallet house we constructed ourselves and we hope to finish an underground house based on Mike Oeler's "$50 and Up Underground House" soon .We feel comfortable housing a few more people in the pallet house. The underground house is also a dedicated community space, so people can live here too. We have access to electricity and internet at our neighbors houses, but no electricity on our property. You will be able to use the internet and charge electronics whenever you want to at our neighbors. People with permaculture and livestock experience/ interest are especially needed. We are both from the southwest so we are learning a whole new ecosystem and enjoy making medicine and eating wild harvested herbs, plants and mushrooms. There are also incredible hunting and fishing opportunities out here. When you come out here you can expect to be treated with respect and compassion. You can tap into projects as much as you feel comfortable. If you get consent from the community then underlining and initiating projects is encouraged. Get creative! Conditions out here are pretty rugged. We have a truck and are 10 miles from Forks, WA. We cook on an indoor propane stove/ oven, make a lot of sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir and prioritize nutrient dense foods in our diet like fresh non-factory farmed meat, duck eggs and raw dairy. This community is focused on power-with relationships and a decentralized, self-empowering atmosphere so people can focus on what brings autonomy, interdependence and connection to life in daily tasks/lifestyles. We enjoy feeding people and cooking meals together and eating communally, but you can eat however and what ever you want. We love kids, feel free to bring them along. Any pets need to be able to get along with our two dogs and learn to get along with our ducks and goats.
We need volunteers throughout the year. Things you can tap into are gardening, shepherding (our goats graze 8 hours a day)and construction projects.
The way to contact us is most comfortable through our e-mail which is: [email protected]

  • Intentional community in Forkes
  • Intentional community in Forkes
  • Intentional community in Forkes
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