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Location: Trujillo, Peru


The importance of the English language has become crucial in recent years, when you are looking for qualified job opportunities or better educational alternatives.

However, the teaching of English in Peru does not begin until adolescence and in a non-intensive way. At the end of high school education, there are very few people whom really learned some of this language. According to the organization EducationFirst, Peru ranks 45 out of 72 countries in the domain of this language, considering it within the category of low level.

The objective of this program is to guide children into English language learning, providing them with a solid foundation and fundamental knowledge for the management of this important language. We use all kinds of didactic resources to make the class a fun environment for children to enjoy while they learn.


- Give formal English classes to children.
- Prepare classes according to our curriculum, but bear in mind that our curriculum does not consist of already prepared classes, but rather it works as a base. You will be responsible as a teacher to think about interesting and creative activities and topics. The project coordinator and / or the project manager will be available to support you in this task.
- Deliver your class planning to the project coordinator or manager every Thursday for next week.
- Make sure that the materials used in class will be returned and ordered in the World English space in the office.
- Bring new ideas on how to improve World English.
- Attend the weekly meeting with the other English teachers.

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Minimum commitment of 4 weeks.


Basic Spanish
Work experience with children

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