Help for Receptionist Hostel in Leon Nicaragua

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Location: leon, Nicaragua


We are located in Central America. Nicaragua is a great country to live. We are a not profit organization,our hostel and tour operator finances our environmental education & nature conservation programs. In Leon and Esteli city is our cedes. We have a hostel and offer a different place to stay, we in these cities our offices are located. We promote environmental protection, and recycling programs. environmental education projects have focused in school period where they are taught how to be environmental leaders of the future. Hostel receptionist are very important for us. Our hostel is the only one in the city where you're money go for a not profit organization. Also the hostel receptionist can participate in Education Environmental Programs and Tours. All people are welcome in Sonati! To learn more about volunteering, email us @ [email protected]

  • Help for Receptionist Hostel in Leon  Nicaragua
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