Learn Shinrin-Yoku and be part of a group of friends

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Location: Carcross, Canada


Come and help me learn Japanese Shinrin-Yoku. Learn how to manage stress, focus on life and detox yourself of modern life.

Shinrin-Yoku is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The name literally mean forest bathing, immersing yourself in the sounds and sights of nature.

This forest bathing helps create the environment we need to unwind and slow down. Enter into a deeper relationship with the natural world.

What we feel instinctively is scientifically proven. This kind of time in nature is therapeutic. Beyond a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, trees emit phytoncides, antimicrobial volatile organic compounds that protect them from bacteria, insects and fungi. This immune system in the forest interacts with our own, stimulating the production of white blood cells.

Our Shinrin-Yoku sessions are aided by the removal of modern technologies. We shut off cell phones and computers at home too. We use oil lamps for light and woodstove for heat.

Some sessions include an immersion in water to better connect with nature. This can be relaxing in spring waters, lakes or hot tub during the day or night. There are a few nature hot and warm springs in the area, some are known, some are secret.

Mix all this this with other activities that show the best of Yukon wilderness. Campfires, canoeing, biking, camping and snowshoeing.

This is a personal stay where we all share the adventure of wilderness living and help each other with our challenges. We are friends and we do what is need to live in the wilderness like shopping, cooking, cleaning, planning meals, firewood gathering and learning to unplug from modern society and socialize on a personal level.

These are rustic accommodations and we look for personal challenges to improve ourselves. Be accepted and be part of a group of friends!

As with any volunteer project, accommodation and food are included in exchange for doing everyday needed chores.


The accommodations are quite rustic as this is a wilderness home. It also sometimes a little primitive. There is one large heated room with three queen-sized beds, two single beds and a shower room.

On overnight trips, accommodation will be a shared tent.

Everything here is really "Into the Wild". A place where you check the yard for bears, grumpy caribou or crazy squirrels before making that night run to the outhouse. :D


This place is NOT for everyone, you must like wilderness living or be willing to try it. You should expect to sleep in a tent on roadtrips.

This place runs on the energy and enthusiasm of each guest, and is for those who can make their visit an adventure.

This is a more personal stay where we are all equals in this adventure of wilderness living or exploring on trips. We are a group of friends and contribute what is required to live here like cooking, cleaning, trip planning, meal planning and firewood gathering. Some are better at cooking and some are better at packing for trips, so we divide the daily chores as needed.

Guests that stay a month are preferred and usually get to see or do most everything. Longer stays are welcome.

Showers are not available at anytime of the day. We must take time to heat the water and run the generator. You are very welcome to use the outdoor shower anytime or the lake in summer!

I have a medium sized dog that is very lovable and lives in the house. Everyone wants to take him home with them! Please don't! :D

  • Learn Shinrin-Yoku and be part of a group of friends
  • Learn Shinrin-Yoku and be part of a group of friends
  • Learn Shinrin-Yoku and be part of a group of friends
  • Learn Shinrin-Yoku and be part of a group of friends
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