Reception, Cleaning, Maintenance in 3Dogs Hostel São Paulo

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Location: São Paulo, Brazil


Hi there,

We work with service exchange in our 2 hostels in São Paulo. This deal is only valid if you do not have a Brazilian working visa or a carteira de trabalho.

Beats Hostel is more of a party place, and 3Dogs Hostel is more of a relaxed, laid-back sort of vibe. Both of them are smack in the center of the city, and they are about 2km, or 2 metro stations, apart. We try to keep work&live in the same hostel, but when this isn't possible, travelling between the hostels is done in your own time. 95% of the time, you can however decide yourself in which hostel you sleep.

The job is a COMBINATION of:
Maintenance: painting, drilling holes, repairing beds etc
Cleaning: Laundry, Beds, Kitchen, Bathrooms etc
Reception: Checkins, selling drinks, entertainment, and OMG! Telephone-up-picking!
What you'll be doing, and which hostel you will be doing it, depends on your qualities, on availability, and last but not least, on your preference. If you have a specific problem with any of the tasks above though, that will become an issue.
Minimum of 2 weeks of your availability. For reception work minimum availability is 1 month. If you wish to leave before the agreed time, and it's not an emergency, we expect a 2 week's notice.

In exchange you:
Sleep for free in a dormitory.
Have free buffet breakfast any time of the day, multiple times per day.
Free Sheets, but no towels.
Use internet wifi or our computer, free.
Wash and dry, free.
We will guarantee you a job if your online presentation looks to fit our profile.

Sao Paulo is a great city on a steep rise in popularity, that mixes Brazilianity with global Cosmopolitanity, if you will. Definitely worth a visit, even if just for a couple of days. Moreover, it's not some backwater that you have to go totally out of your way for to visit. 17Million people find their homes here, and it houses the biggest bus terminal in South America. To make some cash on the side, people here teach private english classes for around R$20 per hour. Experience isn't required, but will net you more work and higher pay. There are lots of other possibilities for (lower) paid work, if you keep your eyes open, and aren't afraid to step up.

Changes in this deal may be made between your first contact, and your arrival. Please ask! Keep us updated on your plans in Brazil, and ring our bell when you have arrived!

See you later alligator!
Please, answer this e-mail to: [email protected]


  • Reception, Cleaning, Maintenance in 3Dogs Hostel São Paulo
  • Reception, Cleaning, Maintenance in 3Dogs Hostel São Paulo
  • Reception, Cleaning, Maintenance in 3Dogs Hostel São Paulo
  • Reception, Cleaning, Maintenance in 3Dogs Hostel São Paulo
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