Family organic farm on the coast in southern Belize

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Location: Punta Gorda, Belize




Tanya Russ

P.O. Box 16 , Punta Gorda , BELIZE

Email : -               

LOCATION : completely isolated

Family organic farm on the coast in southern Belize. We grow mostly fruit tree crops and we also have a small-scale sustainable logging operation on a seasonal basis. Lots of work. Sometimes buggy. Very isolated; access is only by boat. If you need to use alcohol or other drugs to get through a day, do NOT visit us. We require a minimum stay of 7 days and are open to much longer visits. Communications are slow and unreliable, but we always answer if your query reaches us. Keep trying. Please tell us about your skills, interests and why you want to visit us. Please write in English. Phone very unreliable.

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