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Location: Tagounite, Morocco


Hello my name is Ahmed and I live and work with my cousin near the village of Tagounite in the south of morocco near the desert. We have a house and land where we try to grow dates.

Our dream is to create a garden, despite the difficult conditions here we also need help to maintain the palmerie and in the continuing restoration of the house.

Depending on the time of year work might involve harvesting the date fruits, tidying up the palm trees by removing dead leaves, maintaining and extending the traditional irrigation system. You can also help around the house or if you have any particular skills or interests let us know, maybe we can use them!

We want to make something good from this land and share it with other people. We also want to learn from you, if you know something about gardening or permaculture maybe you can help us! Volunteers should expect to work 3- 5 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide food for free because resources are scarce here.

Volunteers will stay in the house, where there are several bedrooms, and be provides with actresses and blankets. We also have a kitchen and a toilet.

In your free time you can visit tagounite, where there is a market every Thursday and Sunday, there are also cafes, shops, a hammam, a pharmacy and an atm machine. You can also take a shared taxi and visit other towns such as Zagora and M'hamid.

To reach tagounite take a ctm bus from Marrakech leaving at about 11am and arriving at about 20:30 in Tagounite. There is also a night bus from Agadir.

If you have any questions or need help please contact us!

  • Help our date farm
  • Help our date farm
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